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Free Site Security Analysis

This free service analyzes the home page of a website and any JavaScript files it loads from the same domain for security vulnerabilities.

COMING SOON: A subscription service for advanced, deep security analysis of your entire website.

Free JS Guardian Site Security Service

This service improves the security of pages on your website using a small JavaScript file.

Ensures all pages are served via https and that all links are upgraded to https.
Makes attempts to remove any dangerous input by end-users.
Guards against cross-site script attacks.

Just put this script as the very first item in the head of your HTML files:

<script src="" type="application/javascript"></script>

If you are a Cloudflare customer, you can add this code to your website automatically from the Cloudflare app store.

You should not use this code if your site is designed and intended to let users create, edit, or submit HTML.

This code is not a guarantee of site security, it just helps to improve it.

See the article Simple JavaScript Site Protections on Medium

COMING SOON: A subscription service for advanced, configurable protection.

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